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Loads of kit always for sale: gliders, bags, instruments, glider riders, etc.
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We have gliders ready for new CP customers. Beginner gliders listed below are intended for South Downs Hang Gliding CP students. Prices shown are for the general market. At least 10% discount for SDHG students!

Beginner / Intermediate

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Wills Wing Eagle 145. 1250. Very good condition. Including Wills tail fin.

Sport / Advanced

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Rigid Wing

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Harnesses for Sale Modern hang gliding harness

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AnnularEVOHang Gliding Reserve Parachute System

Independence Annular EVO HG

We are a school, not a shop, but we stock these reserves because we believe they are the best complete rescue system for hang glider pilots. They pack small, but have a large surface area. Comfortable fit for all makes of harness. Supplied with 5m strop with built-in heavy duty swivel and 9mm maillon.

The best reserve system on the market for hang gliders. The Independence EVO is available in two sizes.

We want hang glider pilots to get a good deal for their rescue system. We sell for less than retail. Full specifications including a heavy duty swivel in the main strop.

Reserves   Further information, specifications and prices.


New Hang Gliders     Beginner / Intermediate

Aeros FoxAeros Fox (13m, 16m, 18m & 21m)

The Fox is the all new updated Target. Now available in four sizes. The Fox can be ordered with the option to pack to 2 metres. The perfect machine for taking abroad by airplane. Easy fly out to SDHG away trips!

Superb construction with excellent handling. Ideal first glider.

Also available in extra-large for big people or tandem.



Avian Rio 2 17Avian Rio 2 (15m & 17m)

British built glider for the above average student pilot.
60% double surface aerofoil gives this machine a best glide of 1:10. The Rio 2 has many new features including a VB system.

Excellent glider for thermalling and cross-country. The ease of handling make the Rio a good choice of first glider suitable for CP training.

The current economic climate makes the Rio 2 the best value hang glider in it's class.


Moyes Malibu Hang GliderMoyes Malibu. (177 and 190).

Excellent "Skyfloater" from Moyes.

UK importer Carl Wallbank (Moyes UK) is keeping prices as low as possible. We are happy to be able to offer these popular gliders to our new students. Lightweight and superb construction with 7075 tubing makes this an easy glider to transport and a joy to fly.

Superb first glider available in two sizes.

Great fun to fly for all levels of pilot.

Airborne StingAirborne Sting 3 (154 & 168)

Beautiful build quality with legendary Aussie handling. The new higher performance Sting 3 XC 154 and the larger version XC 168 are now available.

The "XC" version has VB and aerofoil uprights and choice of speed-bar. Whilst still suitable for the above average beginner the Sting 3 is a superb all-rounder. Excellent for cross-country and effortless thermalling.

The Sting 3 has been optimised for aerotowing and aerotow training by improving the straight line stability and bar pressure at speed.

There is currently no UK importer for Airborne gliders. Direct purchase from Australia only.

Airborne FunAirborne Fun 160/190/220

Brilliant Skyfloater from Airborne.

Three sizes. Very easy to fly. Lightweight 7075 tubing and large wing area.

We use the Airborne "Fun" gliders for training with the school. Simple, very strong and super-stable in flight, this glider really is great fun to fly. Quick to rig and able to fly very slow. This glider is our answer to paragliding!

The predictable flight characteristics and forgiving nature of these gliders make them ideal for beginners or for experienced pilots who just want a simple safe glider.

Ideal extra glider for rigid wing pilots who want to have the best of both worlds.

There is currently no UK importer for Airborne gliders. Direct purchase from Australia only.

New Hang Gliders     Performance / Sport

Aero DiscussAeros Discus C 13/14/15

Superb all rounder for the intermediate to experienced pilot. The Discuss is a high performance king-posted glider. Lightweight and modern design.

The good handling qualities make this a good choice for the general club flyer or cross-country pilot who prefer not to fly the top competition machines. Also very good for foot-lauched power applications.

Also available as a 2 metre breakdown version.



Airborne ClimaxAirborne Rev

Top of the range flexwing glider from Airborne. Unrivalled build quaility. This glider is designed for the serious recreational pilot or for those wishing to take part in competitions. Optimised glide angle and sink rate with the legendary Airborne build quality and handling.

The Rev is the latest top performer from Airborne. Developed from the very successful C series gliders.

Great handling and high speed glide. Sail and control frame options.

New Hang Gliders     Rigid Wings

Atos VR Rigid WingA-I-R Atos Rigid Wing

Superb range of Rigid Wing gliders from Felixe Ruhler. Current models are the VQ (quick rig), the VR (top performer) and VX (large or tandem).
Other variants new to the market are the VQ race and the VR+. Both are top performance gliders carrying the a new T-plane stabiliser and fully faired carbon keel.

These are high aspect carbon-fibre hang gliders with spoilers for steering and flaps for trim and airbrakes. All models have a V-tailplane stabilizer on the keel for extra pitch security. They are very easy to fly with superb performance.

Superbly engineered. Easy and quick to rig. A-I-R produces the best rigid wings available. Increase your XC performance, with no increase in skill. Effortless flying and fantastic glide.

Suitable for pilots with 50+ hours. No special training required.



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