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Hang Gliding Reserve Parachute System

AnnularEVOIndependence Annular EVO HG

We are a school, not a shop, but we stock these reserves because we believe they are the best complete rescue system for hang glider pilots. They pack small, but have a large surface area. Comfortable fit for all makes of harness. Supplied with 5m strop with built-in heavy duty swivel and 9mm maillon.

The best reserve system on the market for hang gliders. The Independence EVO is available in two sizes.

High quality production and lightweight materials
Approved pulled-down apex, annular technology
Large surface area
Low sink-rate
Low oscillation
High strength Rotor swivel in main strop
Ultra light weight parachute system
Ram-Air-Pockets for fast and reliable opening
Inner container for a fast and defined opening
Small pack-up size comfortably fits all hang gliding harnesses
Steel 9mm Maillion attachment to harness
Orange signal colour

Certified to LTF 35/03 (German approval) and EN 12491 (European standard)


We want hang glider pilots to get the best deal for the best available reserve system.

Annular EVO HG 22 (max 130kg) .... 615 (including Rotor swivel) .... (RRP 700)

22 gore, 36m2, weight 1.8 kg

Annular EVO HG 24 (max 160kg) .... 655 (including Rotor swivel) .... (RRP 740)

24 gore, 40m2, weight 2 kg

Prices include the Rotor Swivel (recommended for all HG reserves) .... price without swivel: minus 60.


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