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Introducing Hang Gliding and Paragliding European Hang Gliding and Paragliding Union (EHPU).

Videos .... Training flights

Introductory Day 1 Beginner Group first day training flights 2012. (SDHG)

Introductory training Itford hill. August bank holiday 07. (Wamiq)

Tethered flights  Tethered training at Itford Hill, spring 07. (SDHG)

EP Course Hang Gliding Training on the South Downs. EP Course. (Adam Farrell)

CP Course Learning to hang glide - 2nd course. (Adam Farrell)

Low Flights   EP Flight     Training flights at Beddingham. (Mark Davey) (Wamiq)

CP Flight1   CP Flight2    Medium level training flights. (Ade Hughes, Will Miller)

CP High Flight High CP training flight from Kingston hill. (Nicos Halvatzis)

CP Soaring Flight CP qualifying soaring flights at Swanborough.

Videos .... Away Trips

Hangin' in Spain (1) Excellent video and sound track! Southern Spain Jan 08. YouTube in 3 parts. (Will Miller)

More Hangin' in Spain! (1) Southern Spain Nov 08. Part 1 of 2. (Will Miller)

More Hangin' in Spain! (2) Southern Spain Nov 08. Part 2 of 2. (Will Miller)

Spain Trip March 09 Nic's video of our March 09 Spain trip. (Nic Browne)

Videos .... Favourite Videos 

UK Record Flight Carl Wallbank breaks the UK distance record.

World Record Flight Johnny Durrant's world distance record flight.

Post CP Flying Hang Gliding - My first 10 Hours. Out in the Club. (Adam Farrell)

Famara Flight Hang Gliding along the famous Famara Cliffs, Lanzarote.

The Making of ... Camera man's photography of Johnny D's flight

Hang Glider Spin Andrea Iemma spins his glider

Acrobatic Display Andrea Iemma in Red Bull Vertigo 2006

Dallas Willis Aerobatic Hang Gliding

Red Bull Vertigo Aerobatic Hang Gliding

Red Bull SpeedGliding Downhill racing through gates

Hang Head-Copter Hang helicopter! Fantastic flying maching.

Hang gliding rescue parachute Dramatic deployment of rescue parachute


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