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Fun 160 school Hang Glider tether flightSouth Downs Hang Gliding

BHPA registered school exclusively for hang gliding.

Advanced bespoke tuition for CP and CP+ level students.
Hang Glider maintenance and repair service.
Hang Gliding Holidays.

We have over 25 years of continuous teaching of the sport, both here and abroad, a wealth of experience to share with new pilots.
Previously the most successful hang gliding school in the UK catering for all levels, we now specialise in advanced tuition.

Advanced Tuition

Leaving the basic training to other BHPA schools, CFI John Barratt, now offers his services for those struggling to complete the CP course.

High flights and soaring flights are offered on the South Downs, or we travel to your club region to get you qualified!

About Hang Gliding

CP Course

Hang Glider Maintenence and Servicing

All pilots make small repairs and inspect their wings regularly. However, it can be easy to overlook potentially dangerous faults. An Annual Inspection and report for your wing, will, at least, independently confirm your own routine checks and maintenance.
Our quality repair service has made us number one in the uk for specialist hang glider check and repair work for all makes of glider.

Hang Glider Repairs and Service

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South Downs Hang Gliding

Gibraltar Farm, Firle, East Sussex. BN8 6NB

Tel. 07890 362648